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When I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in April, 2010, I saw it as a wake up call.  This great book showed up, signaling that it was time to do some inner work by facing old feelings, thoughts, and traumatic events, that remain unresolved.

Denial is the first process to assuage any pain, then we cover it over with guilt and regret and then we deem ourselves a coward because we don’t know how to deal with it.  Then it gets stuck in our bodies, then it gets laminated with tissue and it is now stuck energy.  The spiritual reason for the lump in my right breast was because I didn’t nurture myself… my nurturing went out to others instead.

Below is an excerpt from the book, “Feelings Buried Alive, Never Die”, by Karol Truman

Feelings that we have buried and are completely unaware of are what create the challenges, the uneasiness, the dis-ease, the pain and the crisis situations in our lives. Disease in any form is the natural consequence of unresolved negative feelings that have seemingly been forgotten, ignored or buried.Your feelings and thoughts are energy. Feelings and thoughts solidified are matter. Matter cannot be destroyed but can be altered or changed. pg 2

Feelings – To perceive through thought, instinct etc.

Thoughts- A product of thinking, inward reasoning

Emotions – A strong surge of feelings marked by an impulse to outward expression, a moving of the mind and soul.

Beliefs  – Something held to be true with or without proof or feelings. pg 7

We are all happier when we feel we are in control…rather than the outside influences of other people and circumstances controlling us. pg17

Knowing my feelings, thoughts, emotions and beliefs are forms of energy that solidify inside me somewhere depending on what my issues are, I choose to acknowledge them and let go of them in order to maintain a healthy state.

On that note, let’s go to the kitchen and make some vegetarian Ceviche.

Cut up the fleshy part of one or two fresh coconuts, add fresh lime juice, onion, tomato, cilantro,  (optional: fresh hot pepper), sea salt to taste.  Mix and let stand for a while. Serve after spices marinate. You can find the original recipe in the Cafe Gratitude cookbook.


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